About Tara Cornish

As a young child Tara had been exposed to the powerful healings of Reflexology and Reiki; however, she was not aware of this at the time.

For over 20 years Tara has worked in the health care field. She never felt completely satisfied because she found that this only involved the physical part of the body. Tara wanted to work not only with the physical, but with the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of her clients.

Only after receiving her first life changing healing session did Tara realize that this was her life’s calling. This could only be done by studying and learning alternative healing modalities such as Reflexology and Reiki. She has always been in tune with life energy so these choices were a perfect fit. Tara has witnessed, and continues to see, the powerful innate ability the body has to heal itself. She feels blessed to be able to assist people in their unique journey!

Tara is passionate about her work and the health and well being of her clients.

Certifications include:

❖ Certified through The International Institute of Reflexology in the Original Ingham Method® of Reflexology.

❖ Reflexology and Meridian Therapy 1 & 2 with Lillian Tibshraeny-Morten.

❖Reflexology and Cancer; Symptom Management and Contraindications with Memorial Sloan Kettering Oncology Nurse and Reflexologist Susan Berenson.

❖ Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher, mentored under Anne Malley RN,RM and Barbara Gaski RM,QHP.

❖ Ancient Hawaiian Huna Healing, Oahu, Hawaii

❖ Quantum-Touch, Richard Gordon.

❖ Doula/ Birth & Post Partum, ALACE.

❖ CT Nursing Assistant * Hospice & all aspects of Elder Care

❖ EFT - Emotional Freedom

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During my pregnancy I visited Tara regularly for reflexology. I found it extremely helpful in dealing with my pregnancy. Tara also performed as my doula during labor. She brought her experience and knowledge with her to help me work through a pain medication-free birth. It was a joy to have Tara present at the birth of my daughter. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Michelle Herbert Bagley
Reflexology & Doula Client
Windsor, CT

I have been struggling with chronic pain for almost 15 years, and since Tara started working on me regularly, I have noticed a significant decrease in my pain level. Tara is very knowledgeable about reflexology, and her calm demeanor is such a blessing to me. I enjoy my time with her and look forward to every session.

Laurie Escudero
Granby, CT

With pending kidney surgery I was drawn to Tara for a Reiki session. In the time she worked with me, my fear was transformed to the idea that everyone at the hospital would be kind and helpful. I carried that belief into the surgery and although I was still apprehensive the support and caring- even the enthusiasm of my surgeon made the experience a triumph instead of an ordeal. Tara’s work is powerful.

Gretchen Vogel Keene
New Hampshire

Professional Memberships include:

❖ Reflexology Association of CT (current Vice President)

❖ International Institute of Reflexology

❖ Reflexology Association of America

❖ Northwest CT Chamber of Commerce

❖ Association of Labor and Childbirth Educators

❖ The Distant Healing Network